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Mark Seemann is a Danish software developer based in Copenhagen, Denmark. His professional interests include functional programming, object-oriented development, as well as software development in general. Apart from writing two books: Dependency Injection and Code That Fits in Your Head: Heuristics for Software Engineering (Robert C. Martin Series) he has also created several Pluralsight courses, videos for Clean Coders, and written numerous articles and blog posts about programming.

Wojtek is a Senior Developer Advocate at AWS dedicated for Central and Eastern European region. Working with Cloud Computing and Data Engineering since 2015 - in different roles: starting from IT Operations Engineer, Software Engineer and Cloud Architect. Functional programming and Serverless architecture aficionado.

Dan is a speaker, author, coach, and consultant in agile and predictive project management. He is partner at Colors in Project and lecturer at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at Babes-Bolyai University where he delivers trainings and courses on Agile Methodologies, Project Management and Databases.

Denis is a passionate developer with interests in professionalisation of the software development discipline, who also loves distributed systems that interact in a complex environment. He has been involved in leading teams delivering software products in various fields such as banking, insurance, healthcare, performance advertising. He is interested in everything related to latest in software and tech.

Catalin Golban joined Bosch more than seven years ago and is responsible for leading the video-based driver assistance and automated driving activities in Engineering Center Cluj. Together with a great engineering team, he is developing leading edge technologies, making possible to transform state of the art research know-how into innovative automotive and smart mobility products, which are worthwhile goals for the current and future Bosch activities in this challenging field. Having those activities in Cluj-Napoca and fully utilizing the local strengths for developing intelligent systems for automated and assisted driving brings him an extra motivation, especially when the ongoing development efforts lead to technology deployed on a large scale.

Roxana Soporan is an experienced Software Tester with an expertise in System Testing, Automation Testing and Performance Testing. Started her career as a PHP developer, but realised curiosity, perfectionism, proactivity and attention to details are better applied in software testing quality field. She is passionate about IT, landscape photography, science, knowledge sharing and lives by the powerful principle "if it scares you, it might be a good thing to try"

Lucian Radu Teodorescu has a PhD in programming languages and is a Software Architect at Garmin. As hobbies, he is working on his own programming language and he is improving his Chuck Norris debugging skills: staring at the code until all the bugs flee in horror.

Machine Learning Engineer and enthusiast, on a mission to use the power of advanced learning algorithms, extract value from data and unleash its full potential to ultimately impact people's lives for the better. Avid reader of new research papers and Kaggle competitor in his spare time.

I am one of the lucky people to do what they love to do, to fuel my passion for technology. Slowly I moved from building things and discovering new technical challenges by myself, to build teams and work with them to do this together. And more interesting I discovered a real sense of personal accomplishment by sharing what I know with the others. Writing articles, speaking at events, mentoring are things which I never thought I would love to do, but definitely are completing my passion for technology. All the experience I gained, the roles which I filled over time are just a consequence (even a bonus) of what I like to do.

Stefan Dunca is a passionate developer with almost 19 years of software development experience. He has coordinated teams and projects of various sizes for more than 10 years, and now he is playing the role of Head of Development in TORA. With expertise in fintech & crypto trading worlds, he is always eager to write new code, or refactor and improve the old one. Stefan has a Bachelor and a Master degree in Computer Science from Babes-Bolyai University. He also graduated a Leadership class from Harvard Business School. In his spare time, besides writing code, he likes doing small DIY woodworking projects, always being a perfectionist.

I'm a DevOps engineer in charge of the DevOps discipline at BoatyardX. I've been interested and driven to help workflows more efficient and help others deliver their work with ease throughout my career. Lately my focus is to look at quality of life within our technical eco-system in an effort to eliminate friction within our project workflows and provide easy-to-use tooling for everyone involved in SDLCs.

Gabriel Ciuloaica is a Software Architect & Technical leader with 20+ years experience in delivering professional services to large global businesses in telecommunication and gambling industries. He is currently working as an Independent Software Consultant. During the time he worked with teams from companies like WowApp, Gemini Solutions, Adlogica,IQuate, CloudSphere, Metro Systems, Unicredit and Dream11 to reach their goals. Before working as consultant he was working for large organisations like Softvision, Intellisync, Nokia and Betfair having different leadership roles.

Bogdan is passionate about Software Development and has more than 14 years of hands-on experience. Has worked on different markets with different technologies around: backend, desktop, web, mobile.

Actively leading teams of different sizes since 2010 while still writing code

Over fifteen years of experience in an architect’s role, 22+ overall in software development. Attended numerous architecture trainings and masterclasses. Owner of a boutique software business lately active in healthcare applications, insurance, and fintech. Active in consultant roles for medium to large-size software development teams. Passionate about translating real needs into quality software and wood working. Perfect creative environment: a long enough ski slope.

Roland Szabo is a Machine Learning Consultant helping companies get started with Artificial Intelligence. He became interested in ML 10 years ago and since then has worked in all kinds of projects related to it, from computer vision, to natural language processing to time series data, from large companies such as Google in Zurich, to small startups where he led the ML team.

Ciprian Sorlea

I am passionate about technology and people, and I spend a great deal of time getting the two play nice together. All with the intent of building great Software Products.


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